Modern microscopic surgery between the present and the future

Modern microscopic surgery between the present and the future

Modern microscopic surgery between the present and the future

Dr. Samir Ghoraba has performed many successful microscopic surgeries, as he delivered 42 complete upper limb amputations and fingers. This type of surgery requires high accuracy for its successful implementation, high-level training of the surgeon, and complete preparation of the operating room, and the most important pillar in these surgeries is to preserve the amputated part correctly. Dr. Samir Ghoraba, an expert in plastic surgery and microscopic surgery, offers the following advice in the event of an injury that led to complete or almost complete amputation of the fingers or limbs,:

Wash the amputated part of any dirt with saline solution

Clean the amputated part well and dry it with sterile gauze

Save the amputated part by wrapping it in dry gauze and then placing it in a plastic bag 

Put the plastic bag in cold water containing a piece of ice

Go to the nearest center that performs microscopic surgeries.

Dr. Samir confirmed that there are many such centers in Egypt, the most important of which are Tanta University Hospital, Al Hussein University Hospital, Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital, Assiut University Hospital, and Zagazig University Hospital. Several limb-joining surgeries have already been successfully performed in Egypt

In addition, Dr. Samir pointed out the possibility of transferring different organs and tissues to repair and rebuild parts that are missing or do not work efficiently in the body, and an example of this is the excision of entire parts of the face such as the lips or the skin and muscles of the face. In these cases, skin or muscle flaps can be transferred from The same patient to rebuild these places

Looking to the future, Dr. Samir Ghoraba hopes to activate the organ transplant program in Egypt, as the Egyptian law already recognizes this and that this procedure will save the lives of many patients from their suffering throughout their lives

It is worth noting that Dr. Samir Ghoraba, a consultant plastic surgeon, won the award for the best plastic surgeon in the Arab world for the year 2021, based on the vote of the public in the Arab world, in addition to being chosen as an ideal doctor in 2020 by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, and receiving many university awards for conducting it. Many rare and delicate operations using the latest techniques and advanced technology in plastic surgery








Modern microscopic surgery between the present and the future

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