Breast lift surgery

Breast lift

Many women may suffer from the appearance of drooping and sparse breasts, especially with age and after the stages of pregnancy and childbirth, this sagging cannot be modified by breast lift or other products as required.

With Dr. Samir, breast lift and tightening operations are performed safely and quickly, with high success rates, and an appropriate price and cost.

Performing a breast lift and tightening operation with Dr. Samir Ghoraba

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. If there is a clear slight sagging in the breast of the patient coming to the operation or a type of massage, the desired result can be obtained by using a prosthesis under the chest or upon examination and seeing the doctor. Things become clear. Those who suffer from a complete prolapse see Like mini-surgery, in cosmetic surgery, excess skin is removed and a straighter appearance is shown.

Some patients may have noticeable and excessive sagging of the breasts, and in such cases, and the amount of gland responsible for its growth is not stimulated, a breast lift is performed with an artificial stent.

It is performed under the influence of general anesthesia, and Dr. Samir Ghoraba raises the nipples to their natural position and determines the size of the breast in proportion to the patient’s body and skeleton, taking into account her desire. Dr. Samir uses silicone implants or autologous fat in cases that suffer from severe loss of breast tissue, and this is explained to the patient before surgery. And the shape of the wound is around the brown areola only or extends to a wound along the bottom of the nipple or an inverted T-shape. Determining the shape of the wound is according to the shape of the breast and the degree of sagging present.

In a few cases, the silicone implant is sufficient to raise the brown areola in its natural position, and the surgery is from a small incision 4-6 cm below the breast only or around the brown areola.

Advantages of laser breast lift surgery

Lifting the breast tissue and repositioning it to suit the overall appearance of the body.

Get a tight breast with a beautiful and attractive appearance

Eliminate sagging and skin wrinkles

Dr. Samir Ghoraba’s advice after breast lift surgery

You must do some medical examinations before doing so

It is necessary to rest after the procedure until the incision is closed

Attention to public health through healthy and proper nutrition

Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol

Practicing walking and running helps to see results after 3 weeks of surgery

The vigorous exercise begins 6 weeks after surgery

It is possible to swim and go to the beach after completing the recovery period

It is necessary to follow Dr. Samir’s instructions in case of need for painkillers and antibiotics or any other instructions in general


In some cases, it is preferable to monitor the patient for 24 hours after surgery to ensure the stability of the condition

The patient may feel pain and swelling in the breast in the first days after the surgical intervention

Bruises may appear on the surface of the breast, so painkillers can be taken if necessary under the supervision of Dr. Samir

Dr. Samir Ghoraba uses advanced techniques to control postoperative pain by

The use of an advanced surgical method that preserves the nerves

Injecting local anesthetics next to the nerves that prevent any feeling of pain

The use of PCA or what is known as Patient-controlled analgesia is the best way to control pain in the world and prevents the feeling of pain completely after surgery

Post-breast lift instructions

It is important to get out of bed early after surgery (preferably with someone assisted) to prevent postoperative problems

You may need help getting out of bed for the first 24-48 hours, so it is preferable to have someone next to you during this period

While resting, the head and shoulders should be at an angle of 45

The patient adheres to a light diet, where he begins to drink warm water and fluids, and then returns to normal food, starting from the day after surgery

The movement of the arms should be reduced as much as possible and it is forbidden to lean on the arms when getting out of bed and avoid lifting heavy objects

Commitment to wear the corset day and night and never take it off in the first month and a half of the operation

Stay away from strenuous activities, carrying heavy objects, and driving a car for 3 weeks

Swelling and bruising is expected on the body, which will subside and gradually disappear in about 3-4 months

The patient may feel itching or numbness, which will gradually decrease

There may be a feeling that the filling is larger than the desired size, and this will gradually decrease in a period of 4-6 weeks

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