Eyelid surgery

A person may be born with some health and physical problems, this is normal and well-known! Modern science and contemporary techniques, especially in the medical field, have created many solutions to these problems, including problems related to the eye and eyelids, which cause many health problems for people, so sometimes medical intervention is both cosmetic and therapeutic alike

Dr. Samir Ghoraba at the Beauty Clinic treats the problems and beautifies the eyelids, both lower and upper,

Whether with a purely cosmetic or medical purpose and treating these problems with the latest technological technologies with high rates of recovery and success

Eyelid surgery

It is a process in which the shape of the upper or lower eyelids is redefined and beautified in proportion to the patient’s condition, the position of the eyes, and the shape and size of the eyelids

These problems may be born with the person and may be due to age, weight changes, or frequent severe stress

Types of eyelid surgery

Endoscopic forehead lift without any visible wounds and is considered one of the best surgeries that treat sagging upper eyelids if it is caused by a fall in the eyebrows or the front of the forehead

Lifting the drooping upper eyelids, and elderly people may suffer from it and cause a very large blocking of vision, which may constitute a psychological obstacle due to the shape and medically due to the obstruction of vision, and this is by removing fat and excess skin and strengthening the eyelid muscle through a wound that does not leave a trace

The drooping of the lower eyelids, one of the most important functions of which is to protect the eye from drying out, causes exposure of the given part, exposing the eye to harm due to impurities and air that leads to dehydration

This cosmetic treatment treats the pockets below and above the eye and the swelling, swelling and manifestations that may accompany them in an easy and safe way without any effects

Blepharoplasty in Dr. Samir Ghoraba’s centers

Dr. Samir Ghoraba determines the appropriate type of surgical procedure in blepharoplasty according to the examination and what each case needs to obtain the best natural and attractive shape

It is done under the influence of local or general anesthetics in certain cases

Very simple procedures start with detecting the problem, and then a thorough examination of the patient is done to determine his full health condition

Skin and fat growths are removed from the eyelid hanging above the eye

Lower eyelid tightening and restoration

A short recovery period, from one to two weeks, during which there will be some swelling and cyanosis. Eyelid surgery is considered one of the most painless operations at all

Advantages of eyelid surgery with Dr. Samir Ghoraba

Quick results


low cost

Correct vision problem

Protect eyes from drying out

aesthetic appearance

Healing and convalescence in a short period

Post eyelid surgery instructions

The head must be kept elevated at a 45 angle for 7 days after the operation to reduce swelling

Applying ice packs and under the eyes constantly for the first three days after the operation to reduce swelling (crushed ice is placed in a bag and separated from the face using gauze)

It is normal to have swelling after the operation in the first three days, and most of it will gradually reduce within 2-3 weeks. Knowing that there will be a very small percentage of the tumor that will go away over time

The patient adheres to a light diet, where he starts drinking warm water and fluids after the operation and then moves to normal food on the same day of the surgery while avoiding foods that need to be chewed a lot

Stay away from strenuous activities, lifting heavy objects, bending and violent movement for a period of 3 weeks

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