Lip beautification

Full, heart-shaped lips are considered one of the standards of beauty, and since the interest in lips is old and not new, the Pharaohs were the first to use lipstick

And it was brought by the Phoenicians, so the pink-red lips are old but! Recently, the term Russian lips has appeared, which is characterized by the elegant and beautiful “full heart” shape.

And if you are looking for those lips, Dr. Samir Ghoraba Center performs lip plastic surgery and obtains attractive Russian lips Everyone has a unique lip shape that suits them and suits the right type of different techniques
There is one method that is popular in social media now, and that is Russian lip fillers and indeed Gives a modern look in terms of volume or lift, side features remain balanced and beautifully proportioned with facial features

What is the Russian lip augmentation technique ?

The Russian lip augmentation technique is a cosmetic procedure that works to shape heart-shaped lips with larger volume, which tends to lift the lips rather than add extra volume to them

And that the main goal of the operation is to raise the appearance of the lips and not enlarge them at all (although both can be achieved if that is what you want! But you can coordinate with the doctor) and this technique requires an outstanding performance ie a touch of the art of medicine and sufficient experience and practice so it is very important to find a doctor We are trusted and we recommend Dr. Samir Ghoraba

Russian lip augmentation procedure

In the first procedure, the doctor applies local anesthesia to avoid the patient feeling any pain

In the second procedure, Small drops of the filler are placed by injecting them vertically into the lip, and this technique expands, lifts and opens the shape of the lips, and the Russian lip technique takes from half an hour to 50 minutes depending on the amount of filler for injection and the density of the patient’s lip tissue The doctor explains to you everything related to the placement of the filler before the operation, as well as the patient, must be calm and patient to promote the separation of tissues to obtain a smooth result suitable for the general appearance

The advantages of Russian lip beautification by Dr. Samir Ghoraba

The technology used is well thought out

Filler materials are pure and high quality


appropriate costs

Without problems, lip lines are drawn

It is done with a local anesthetic so that the patient does not feel any pain

Easy and does not cost effort or time

instant results

lip supply

Among the advantages of healthy lips are those that take on a reddish-pink color, and these lips are made in Dr. Samir Center in modern and safe ways

Inexpensive to get a very elegant and healthy pink lips look

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