Mami makeover

“Mami Makeover” improves these multiple parts of the body, most notably the chest, abdomen, buttocks, waist, vagina and back

“Mami Make-Over” is a very special cosmetic procedure for mothers who want to return their bodies to the way they were before pregnancy and childbirth. In many cases,

Diet and sports are not enough, so the mother is looking for more effective solutions, especially in the chest and abdomen areas

Discover with us the most important information about the “mami make-over” in this subject through our website under the supervision of Dr. Samir Ghoraba, the best consultant of plastic and repair surgeries, and delicate hand, maxillofacial and maxillofacial surgeries

Mami Makeover Operation

Many mothers, after experiencing pregnancy and childbirth, resort to a “mummy make-over” operation, where the mother notices changes in various parts of her body,

Therefore, “Mami Makeover” plastic surgery works to improve these multiple parts of the body, most notably the chest, abdomen, buttocks, waist, vagina and back

Dr. Samir works on several parts of the mother’s body within one surgery, relying on advanced and advanced techniques that can be combined to obtain the desired result, as he works on the following areas

Abdominal tightening

Breast lift or augmentation, or both

Liposuction, and injection of autologous fat in some parts of the body, such as the buttocks

Conditions for performing the operation, Mami Make-over

The conditions for performing this operation are

The mother should not be still breastfeeding

Or the mother’s desire to become pregnant, planning another pregnancy two years before the operation

After plastic surgery after childbirth

After the operation, some signs of bruising, swelling and aches may occur for a period of up to two weeks, but mostly they can be controlled by taking some types of pain-relieving pills

As for the final results, they can appear after a period of time that may range between 3 and 6 months, and often the fat does not return to the accumulation in the body, but this also depends on several factors such as: If the mother maintains a healthy weight and exercise

These operations do not affect the fertility of the woman, but she can become pregnant and give birth again, but after two years of performing this operation

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