Neck aesthetics

Neck surgeries are the view of the tissues of the neck in terms of appearance and function. It is one of the skin types, but age and degree of the disorder influence it.

Neck aesthetics

Neck lift surgeries Neck lift surgery takes place without tightening the rest of the face, except in very few cases that may not be mentioned

Excision of the skin from the neck without removing the extra skin from the neck and face is impossible. A neck lift is somewhat part of a facelift surgery as it involves tightening the muscles and skin of the face and neck

What are neck surgeries

Neck plastic surgery is the vision of the tissue of the neck in terms of appearance and functionality

The degree of turbulence is one of the important influencing factors that greatly affect the final result of the operation. Therefore, Dr. Samir Ghoraba advises against stress

Like other surgeries, general health examination, normal expectations, methods and procedures are necessary for the success of the operation

We will provide you with the necessary advice and directions upon your first visit to the clinic

Advantages of performing the operation in Dr. Samir centers


Quick results


Coordinating and straightening the appearance of the neck

Real and tangible results unlike slimming products

Constant follow-up to keep track of the patient’s health

Dr. Samir’s advice

It is possible to prescribe analgesics in case of feeling pain after the operation, but! By describing Dr. Samir only

Do not perform violent movements during the recovery period

Avoid smoking and drinking alcoho

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