Consultant Plastic Surgeon

dr samir ghoraba fellowship

Dr. Ghoraba offers an opportunity of fellowship & clinical instructorships in Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Medicine after a selection criteria & match.

Ideal Candidates

Resident or Specialist in Plastic, ENT or Dermatology, Maxillofacial

Advantages of Fellowship Program:

Get access to learn facial plastic surgery, facial reconstructive surgery, rhinoplasty, Breast
surgery, body contouring, and cosmetic medicine.Not like other surgeons who focus on one area,
Dr.Ghoraba’s expertise and knowledge in plastic surgery is comprehensive and will enrich your vision and experience in both face and body aesthetic surgery.
Dr.Ghoraba pioneered deep plane face lift surgery and its endoscopic variant.
Also being an international key opinion and invited to many conferences. Also,Dr.Ghoraba will provide you many opportunities to learn from basic to advance.At the end of fellowship, Dr. Ghoraba issues a fellowship certification with a recommendation letter.

Details of Fellowship Program:

Fellowship program duration is one week. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are days of performing surgeries, Wednesday are the day of clinical procedures.
Friday you will be free, you can take your time to visit Egypt, study or work on some projects
organized by Dr.Ghoraba.

Requirements to apply:

– Signed copy of English translation of Medical Qualification.
– Certified copy of your passport
– Certificate of your department residency to attend the fellowship in case you are a resident.
– Personal picture.
– Curriculum Vitae (CV)
– Future plan statement (include your future goals, intentions, and why have chosen plastic (surgery)
– The fellowship program you are willing to take.
– Letter of reference is recommendable.

Time to Join:
All program has specific timing by rotation. Dr.Ghoraba will try to fit your fellowship in preferred time in case there is availability. If not, we will try to offer alternative dates.

Acceptance Criteria:

The committee will review your application. If accepted, Dr. Ghoraba will send an invitation letter to apply for your VISA through your embassy. (Dr.Ghoraba does not handle any visa papers or any type of papers required).


Each fellow is responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa needed. If the request for a visa is rejected, the right for joining the fellowship is automatically revoked. Dr.Ghoraba cannot be
held responsible for fellows who haven’t been able to obtain their visa.


Our team will help you with hotel recommendations after acceptance.


The fellowship program cost is 3000 USD to be paid after receiving the acceptance mail and the payment method from Dr.Ghoraba.
Note that the fellowship fees are not refundable in case of no show up.