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الجراحات الميكروسكوبية الحديثة بين الحاضر و المستقبل

Modern microscopic surgery between the present and the future

Many patients suffer from tissue loss due to accidents or birth defects, which leads to physical disability and psychological burden that impedes the involvement of these patients in society, which negatively affects individuals, their families and society alike. The most famous of these injuries is complete or incomplete limb amputation, atrophy of facial tissues due to congenital defects.

Dr. Samir Ghoraba, a consultant plastic surgeon and teacher at the Faculty of Medicine, explains the huge revolution in the field of microscopic surgery and its role in giving hope to these patients.

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Breast augmentation surgery

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. If there is a slight sagging in the breast of the patient undergoing the operation or a type of massage, the desired result can be obtained by using a prosthesis under the chest or upon examination and seeing the doctor. Things become clear. Those who suffer from complete prolapse see Like minisurgery, in plastic surgery, excess skin is removed and a more straight appearance is shown.

Some patients may have noticeable and excessive sagging of the breasts, and in such cases, and the amount of gland responsible for its growth is not stimulated, a breast lift is performed with an artificial stent.

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Breast augmentation with silicone implants

It is a surgical operation that is carried out under general anesthetic and does not take more than 45 to 60 minutes.

A suitable size silicone filler that varies according to the desire of each case and suits the condition of the skin and tissues specific to each case.

The surgery is performed through a small incision 4-6 cm below the breast or around the brown areola and its effect disappears with the passage of time. Dr. Samir Gharaba places the filling in front or behind the chest muscle according to the examination of the case.

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Department of plastic surgery

Brazilian butt

The process of augmenting, tightening and lifting the buttocks, which gives it an attractive and unique shape, in which natural fillers such as self-fat are used.

Or artificial fillings such as silicone in case there is not enough fat,

All fillings do not pose a threat to public health, do not cause allergic reactions and are perfectly accepted by the body.

The Brazilian butt is always part of the body’s realignment in general, and in the same surgery, a 360-degree sculpting of the abdomen is performed

The sides and lower back, in order to obtain a slim waist and a prominent back, the thighs are also sculpted from the inside to obtain the shape of the inverted heart, which is preferred by most women.

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Better body


Many people follow diets to get rid of excess weight, and despite following diets and practicing sports activities, the results are

It is not satisfactory to many, especially those who suffer from local obesity! This type of concentrated fat

In specific places such as the abdomen, underarms, middle and lower back, upper back and thighs.

Dr. Samir Ghoraba performs liposuction from these areas with the latest technology available at the Beauty Clinic Center, with high quality and at a very reasonable price.

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