Facial Makeover (Barbie Makeover)

Barbie Makeover is a group of surgical procedures aimed at achieving the most attractive female figure and a defined, beautiful and tight face.

Facial Makeover (Barbie Makeover)

Barbie make-over is a group of surgical procedures aimed at achieving the most attractive female shape and a defined, beautiful and tight face

Female rhinoplasty

mini face lift

Defining the jaws

Laparoscopic forehead lift

Fat injection for facial rejuvenation

Upper lip lift and reduction

Movement of the bones of the lower jaw

Forehead bone sculpting

Dr. Samir Ghoraba also determines the appropriate surgical procedures according to the examination and the wishes of each case

Post-Operation Barbie Makeover Instructions

The head must be kept raised at an angle of 45 for 7 days after the operation

Putting ice packs next to the nose and under the eyes constantly for the first three days after the operation to reduce swelling (crushed ice is placed in a bag and separated from the face using gauze)

It is normal for swelling after the operation in the first three days, and most of it will gradually decrease within 2-3 weeks, knowing that there will be a very small percentage of the tumor that will disappear with time

The patient adheres to a light diet, where he starts drinking warm water and fluids after the operation and then moves to normal food the day after the surgery while avoiding foods that need to be chewed a lot

Stay away from strenuous activities, lifting heavy objects, bending and violent movement for a period of 3 weeks

There may be a feeling of stiffness or numbness in the face, which will gradually reduce and return to normal

No smoking for two weeks after surgery

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