Chin bone augmentation

Chin bone augmentation

The face is what defines our identity. When we remember a person, we remember his face first in our mind, so it is the focus of attention and we all strive to preserve the beauty and consistency of our faces in the different stages of our lives. But there are many factors that negatively affect our body in general and the face in particular, the most important of which are: sun exposure, weight changes, age, gravity, and smoking in addition to many other factors. With age, some important changes occur

Loss in the volume of deep and superficial fat of the face

Relaxation in the muscles of the face and a fall of the face down

sagging of the skin

Accumulation of fat in the neck area, or what is known as the jowl

The appearance of expressive movements (wrinkles) around the mouth and eyes and in the front of the forehead

The face selection disappears and turns into a square shape

Changes in the bones of the face, such as atrophy of the bones of the fetus and chin

One or all of the previous signs should go to Dr. Samir Ghoraba for an examination and to determine one of the medical procedures that can be taken to solve these problems. These include non-surgical methods such as fillers and Botox, and other surgical methods such as fat injections, mini facelifts, deep facelifts and chin augmentation

How is chin augmentation performed

Chin augmentation is performed without any external incisions through a surgical incision inside the mouth, through which Dr. Samir moves the chin bones

Forward a distance that varies according to each case and the features of its face. The surgery does not take more than an hour and does not leave a trace at all, and its results are for life without any problems or changes the dental relations.

chin fillings

Dr. Samir uses it in certain cases, as the use of chin bones gives more natural results and lasts for life without problems. Dr. Samir uses chin implants only in one case when the chin bones are too small to be moved, and this is determined by Dr. Samir Ghoraba during the examination

What are the advantages of chin bone augmentation

Natural results that last a lifetime

There are no external wounds

It does not affect the matching of the teeth

Treats asymmetry and small chin bones

It tightens the neck and defines the lower jaw


Who needs chin bone augmentation

Small chin

neck sagging

Absence of mandibular bone determination

sagging neck tissue


Post-chin augmentation instructions

The head must be kept raised at an angle of 45 for 7 days after the operation

Putting compresses next to the chin and neck constantly for the first three days after the operation to reduce swelling (crushed ice is placed in a bag and separated from the face using gauze)

It is normal for swelling after the operation for the first three days

Which will reduce most of it gradually within two weeks. Knowing that there will be a very small percentage of the tumor that will go away with the passage of time

The patient adheres to a light diet, where he starts drinking warm water and fluids after the operation, and then moves to normal food the day after the surgery while avoiding foods that need to be chewed a lot

Stay away from strenuous activities, carrying heavy objects, bending, and violent movement for a period of 3 weeks

There may be a feeling of stiffness or numbness in the lower lips, which will gradually decrease and return to normal

No smoking for two weeks after surgery

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