Forehead lift

Dr. Samir Ghoraba performs various cosmetic surgeries for the forehead that have long-lasting effects, including endoscopic forehead tightening, shortening the length of the forehead, and sculpting the forehead bones.

A small forehead, not exceeding 11 cm, is a sign of femininity and attractiveness. Some women experience a lengthening of the front of the forehead and an increase in the forehead bones, especially above the eyes. Dr. Samir Ghoraba offers permanent cosmetic surgeries for the forehead, including endoscopic forehead tightening, shortening the length of the forehead, and sculpting the forehead bones.

Laparoscopic forehead lift:

This surgical procedure involves Dr. Samir making small incisions inside the scalp that do not leave visible marks. Through these incisions, he performs surgical wiring of the upper third of the face, resulting in raised eyebrows, widened eyes, lifted sagging upper eyelids, treatment of forehead sagging and expressive lines, and tightening of the upper third of the face. The results of this surgery are long-lasting and leave no noticeable traces.

Open forehead reduction and tightening:

Dr. Samir achieves an attractive feminine shape by removing part of the skin from the front of the forehead through a cut in the hairline. This procedure leaves a barely noticeable scar at the hairline, which becomes less visible over time.

Forehead bone sculpting:

Dr. Samir Ghoraba Center is the only center in the Middle East that offers this advanced surgical service. Dr. Samir sculpts the bones of the forehead by making a surgical incision inside the hair, leaving no trace. He also uses ultrasonic waves for high-precision bone sculpting, ensuring complete safety. This technique is used to sculpt the protrusion of the eyes and the bones of the forehead, giving a more masculine and youthful appearance.

Post Forehead Lift Instructions:

– Keep the head elevated at a 45-degree angle for 7 days after the operation.

– Place ice packs on the upper third of the face constantly for the first three days to reduce swelling.

– Swelling is normal in the first three days and will gradually decrease within two weeks.

– Stick to a light diet, starting with warm water and fluids after the operation and gradually transitioning to normal food the day after surgery. Avoid foods that require excessive chewing.

– Avoid strenuous activities, lifting heavy objects, bending, and sudden movements for three weeks.

– It is normal to experience stiffness or numbness in the upper part of the face, which will gradually subside.

– No smoking for two weeks after surgery.

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