Brazilian butt

Brazilian butt

The process of augmenting, tightening and lifting the buttocks, which gives it an attractive and unique shape, this process uses natural fillers such as self-fat or artificial fillers

Women often look for perfection in their general and outward appearance! What makes her look very elegant and attractive in order to get the charming look, some resort to taking drugs and applying creams and ointments, whether thinner or those that increase the size, especially if it comes to the breast or buttocks, there are also some traditional exercises, some of which are dangerous, such as the fire-heated jar that sticks to the back and leads to an increase in its size This procedure is very dangerous and often leads to skin damage, and the result is neither satisfactory nor permanent, Dr. Samir Ghoraba Beauty Clinic He performs the Brazilian butt surgery, which gives the woman the desired appearance, long-term and permanent results

How is the Brazilian butt surgery performed

The process of augmenting, tightening, and lifting the buttocks, which gives it an attractive and unique shape, in which natural fillers such as self-fat are used Or artificial fillings such as silicone If there are not enough fatsAll fillings do not pose a threat to public health, does not cause allergies and are perfectly accepted by the body The Brazilian butt is always part of the overall body realignment. In the same surgery, the abdomen, sides, and lower back are sculpted 360 degrees In order to get a slim waist and a prominent back, the thighs are also sculpted from the inside to get the inverted heart shape preferred by most women

Types of Brazilian butt implants

There are many types, but the main ones are

Silicone implants, which are done by filling the buttocks in a distinctive way

Autologous fat fillings, this procedure is the most common because of its many advantages, because autologous fat is the natural body fat and it is recommended by some, especially those who suffer from local obesity, as this operation is often accompanied by liposuction

Advantages of Brazilian butt lift procedure with Dr. Samir Ghoraba

The operation is carried out under the supervision of Dr. Samir Ghoraba, an expert in plastic surgery and Brazilian butt operations in Egypt, which makes it the most successful operation and its most important features

It is a safe operation and you must undergo some tests before it

Quick result

Heal and recuperate in a short time

permanent results

Low cost compared to the results

A healthy aesthetic shape without defects or skin problems

No trace of surgery

Dr. Samir’s post-Brazilian butt surgery instructions

It is important to get out of bed early and walk a lot, and the legs and ankles should be moved, and the legs should not be held and placed on top of each other throughout the stay in bed

You may need help getting out of bed the first 24-48 hours, so it is preferable to have someone next to you throughout this period and to stay away from strenuous activities and heavy lifting for 3 weeks

The patient adheres to a light diet, where he begins to drink warm water and fluids, and then returns to normal food, starting from the day after surgery

Commit to wearing the corset day and night and never take it off in the first month of the operation. You can take a warm bath and wear the corset before coming for the initial follow-up and it is dried using a hair dryer

Swelling and bruising is expected on the body, which will subside and gradually disappear in about 3-4 months

The patient may feel itching or numbness in the places that underwent suction, which will gradually decrease

In the case of fat injection, the following is done

Do not follow any weight loss regime for two months

Eat foods rich in carbohydrates to gain weight by 2 kg

Do not press or sit on the areas that underwent fat injections for two weeks

Violent exercise is prohibited for two months

Do not inject intramuscularly into the area that was injected for a period of two months

After Brazilian Butt Surgery

Dr. Samir Ghoraba uses advanced techniques to control postoperative pain by

The use of an advanced surgical technique that preserves the nerves

Local anesthetics are injected next to the nerves that prevent any pain

The use of PCA or what is known as Patient-controlled analgesia, which is the best way to control pain in the world and prevents the feeling of pain completely after surgery

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