Dr. Samir Ghoraba performs liposuction in various areas using the latest technologies available at the Beauty Clinic Center. The procedures are of high quality and offered at a reasonable price.

Many individuals follow diets and engage in sports activities to eliminate excess weight. However, for some, these efforts do not yield satisfactory results, especially for those dealing with localized obesity. This type of fat tends to accumulate in specific areas such as the abdomen, underarms, middle and lower back, upper back, and thighs.

Dr. Samir Ghoraba performs liposuction in these areas using the latest available technology. The procedures are of high quality and offered at a reasonable price.

The advantages of liposuction at Dr. Samir Ghoraba centers include:

– Impressive results that cannot be achieved through diets and exercise alone.

– Affordable cost, which primarily depends on the distribution area and volume of fat.

– Quick recovery and return to normal life.

– Safety and guarantee, as the procedure does not cause health problems or side effects.

– Rapid results, unlike diets and sports.

Who needs liposuction?

– Individuals dealing with localized obesity in specific areas.

– Those who have lost weight through dieting, but still have fat deposits in certain areas.

– Individuals experiencing sagging in areas prone to fat accumulation.

– People with genetic factors that lead to fat accumulation in specific areas.

– Those seeking fast and safe results.

– Individuals who have reached their ideal weight, but still have sagging and fatty deposits in separate areas.

Dr. Samir’s tips for safe liposuction :

– A comprehensive examination and evaluation of the patient’s condition are necessary.

– The patient should not have fluid in their blood.

– It is crucial to follow Dr. Samir’s advice and instructions, especially after the operation.

– A balanced and healthy diet should be followed after the procedure.

– Regular exercise helps achieve faster and better results than expected.

Post liposuction instructions :

– It is important to get out of bed early and engage in walking. The legs and ankles should be moved, and the legs should not be held or placed on top of each other while in bed.

– Assistance may be needed to get out of bed during the first 24-48 hours. It is recommended to have someone nearby at all times.

– During this period, the patient should adhere to a light diet, starting with water and warm fluids, and gradually returning to normal food the day after the operation.

– Strenuous activities, pregnancy, and lifting heavy objects should be avoided for three weeks. Additionally, the patient should wear the corset day and night without removing it for the first month.

– Swelling and bruising on the body are expected, but will gradually disappear within 3-4 months.

– Itching or numbness in the suctioned areas may occur, but will gradually decrease.

– Some fluid discharge from the suction holes (reddish-yellow) is normal for the first five days after surgery. Lymphatic massage sessions should be scheduled three times a week for four weeks.

In the case of fat injection, the following guidelines should be followed:

– Avoid any weight loss regimen for two months.

– Consume foods rich in carbohydrates to gain two kilograms.

– Do not apply pressure or sit on the areas where fat injections were performed for two weeks.

– Avoid intense exercise for two months.

– Do not inject the muscle into the injected area for two months.

Pain after liposuction:

Dr. Samir Ghoraba uses advanced techniques to control postoperative pain, including:

– Utilizing an advanced surgical technique that preserves nerves.

– Administering local anesthetics near the nerves to prevent pain.

– Implementing PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia), which is the best method for pain control and ensures a pain-free experience after surgery.

Lymphatic massage after liposuction:

Lymphatic massage sessions, conducted by specialists in therapeutic lymphatic massage using appropriate devices, begin on the third to fifth day after the procedure at Dr. Samir Ghoraba’s centers, depending on the case.

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