Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck

You can get a tight and strong abdomen with prominent muscles with ease and tighten sagging lower abdomen and prominent sides, which helps you to get prominent muscles

Tummy tuck

Everyone dreams of a tight and strong belly with prominent and attractive muscles, and getting that belly doesn’t just come with dreams Perhaps the traditional exercises “abdominal exercises” at home and gyms are very useful and beneficial for general health, but they do not lead to a very satisfactory resultWith the accompanying effort and very strict diets, mixtures, creams and ointments do not lead to the appearance of those hidden muscles between the layers of fat In Dr. Samir Ghoraba centers, you can get a tight and strong abdomen with prominent muscles with easeAnd tighten the flabby lower abdomen and the prominent sides, which helps you to get prominent and beautiful abdominal muscles, all at a low cost and impressive results

How is the tummy tuck operation performed

It is known that the abdomen is one of the areas where fat accumulates the most, and because the amount of fat cells in it is large, it causesIn increasing the size, which may lead to the appearance of flabbiness, especially the lower abdomen and sides, and that area is exposed to fat for both sexes, men and women

The tummy tuck process includes several steps, the first of which is to remove the excess fat in the abdomen and waist, to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and finally to remove the sagging in a quick and safe way. With excellent results, this problem is eliminated, and whoever suffers from obesity loses a lot of weight, which leads to this leads to appearance of these sagging and makes the appearance of skin unhealthy this sagging also appears after pregnancy, frequent childbirth, and weight changes

Advantages of tummy tuck in Dr. Samir Ghoraba centers

The operation is performed by Dr. Samir Ghoraba, one of the most prominent doctors in tummy tuck operations

Fast and guaranteed results

Completely safe process

very affordable cost

Beautiful and healthy appearance

Post-operative tummy tuck

Dr. Samir Ghoraba uses advanced techniques to control pain after surgery by

Departure is on the same day of the surgery, two hours after complete recovery

The use of an advanced surgical technique that preserves nerves

Injecting a local anesthetic next to the nerves prevent any feeling of pain

The use of PCA or what is known as Patient-controlled analgesia, which is the best way to control pain in the world and prevents the feeling of pain completely after surgery

Scars after surgery

Dr. Samir Gharaba sews the wound in an advanced cosmetic way using the finest types of cosmetic threads and immediately begins treating the effects of the wounds after the wound has healed, which takes approximately two to three weeks

Dr. Samir Ghoraba uses laser and silicone pads to treat scars until they disappear over a period of 6 months after surgery

Post Tummy Tuck Instructions

It is important to get out of bed early after surgery (preferably with someone assisted) to prevent postoperative problems

Walking for 15-20 minutes every hour and a half daily helps improve blood circulation in the extremities and bowel movement

Walking should be slightly bent to reduce tension on the sutures. When sleeping, the knees should be bent and the head should be at an angle of 45 for better results in the quality of the wound

The patient adheres to a moderate diet rich in protein and avoids spicy foods

Commitment to wearing the corset day and night and never taking it off in the first month and a half of the operation

Do not run, lift heavy objects or play sports for 3-4 weeks after the operation

Abdominal swelling is expected, which will subside and gradually return to normal within 3-6 months

There may be a feeling of tightness on the abdomen as a result of the operation, and this will gradually decrease

Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses a day) and warm fluids

Keep spare parts dry until the first day of follow-up

Lymphatic massage sessions are done 3 times a week for 4 weeks

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