Body sculpting and coordination

Body sculpting and coordination

Getting the ideal weight is very easy, especially if there is the will and exercise, but! Obtaining the ideal weight does not also mean obtaining the perfect appearance and sculpted body, because the loss of body fat is not consistent and consistent with each other, sometimes there are places where fat accumulates unlike other areas, such as the lower abdomen, sides, buttocks, back, Below the chin and arm area

Dr. Samir Ghoraba gives you the aesthetic touch that appreciates your efforts in order to reach the appropriate weight by sculpting the body and showing its beauty with Dr. Samir Ghoraba to see the latest techniques used for body sculpting at reasonable costs

What is body sculpting and coordination

Before the surgery, Dr. Samir makes a planning and determination of the places for liposuction in the standing position to show the muscles in a four-dimensional way

Body sculpting surgeries are performed under local or general anaesthesia through micro-incisions that do not exceed 5 mm, through which excess fat is removed and muscles are shown to obtain an attractive athletic appearance

Dr. Samir Ghoraba uses advanced techniques for body sculpting, including vaser, Jplasma ion sculpting, and Microair. The appropriate technique is used according to each case, its desire, the nature of the skin, and the amount of accumulated fat

Dr. Samir Ghoraba re-injects fat in certain places to reach a harmonious and attractive body, and the most famous places that need to fill in fat are the buttocks and buttocks

It is the process of reshaping the body and sculpting it so that it takes a harmonious appearance. Some people often suffer from swelling of some areas from others, as in the case of men with regard to the abdomen and women in the buttocks and the middle. These parts are reshaped and sculpted to suit the general shape of the whole body.

The advantages of body sculpting and contouring at Dr. Samir Ghoraba centers

Reaching a result that can only be reached through this process

Guaranteed success and excellent results

Fast recovery and quick results

Very reasonable cost compared to the results

wear appropriate clothes

Increase self-confidence and a sense of positivity

Improving the general appearance of the body

Body sculpting and procedure with Dr. Samir Ghoraba

is performed The process of body sculpting and coordination After defining and planning the places of sculpture in a thoughtful and three-dimensional way to expect the correct and desired results Body sculpting operations are the operations of forming entire areas in the body, and sometimes they reach to slimming the entire body, specifically it is preferable to get rid of cellulite, which is difficult to get rid of without these methods. Remarkably, the preferred results of the desired shape of the areas of the body to be changed and the coordination of body weight are important in principle so that the result is better than expected using these techniques that are

Low level laser body sculpting
The famous name for this technique is the cold laser, and it is not a surgical process at all. The laser beams with low energy are focused to break up the areas where the fat is formed, and then the fat comes out of the body in a period ranging from two to four weeks. It is recommended to take more than one session to have a strong effect and to get to the greatest possible benefit

Vaser body sculpting
In these sessions, high-frequency sound waves are used to break up fat cells. In these sessions, the device is placed on the specific areas to be slimmed, so that the waves reach the deep fat and break it down to exit the body in the period following the completion of the session. This is also one of the best types of focus on the full areas of the body

Infrared body sculpting
This technique is divided into two methods, one of them is similar to the way laser and sound waves work, and the other method works to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, allowing the removal of fat from the body, as well as removing toxins, and reducing “cellulite”, like other operations, the results of which begin to appear gradually After the session, if the body is significantly overweight, we recommend consulting the specialist doctor to complete a detailed schedule of sessions to get the best results and avoid the person getting frustrated after attempts by this technique

Mesotherapy injection

It is a technique that relies on the injection of some substances under the skin to achieve results that improve the shape of the body, and the substances that are injected in the case of using “Mesotherapy” to lose weight may differ from the materials that are used to tighten wrinkles as an example, and most of what is done is the injection of some vitamins and some enzymes that It helps to break up fat, and the results of the injections begin to appear gradually after the completion of the first session directly, but it may be necessary to repeat the injection sessions to reach the desired results if the body is too much

It is one of the techniques that focus on helping the body burn local fat and get rid of it, and the sculpting is completely free of surgical intervention, as it does not require making any surgical incisions, but it may require some local anesthesia, but it is remarkably effective and not affecting some, so please consult The specialist doctor

Four-dimensional body sculpting
It is one of the most distinguished techniques from others, using a high-precision focused laser to get rid of fat and also sculpt the shape of the body’s muscles in both kinetic and static modes. It is one of the most advanced techniques and gives unexpected results due to the severity of its distinction. It is considered one of the most successful and advanced types of operations in body sculpting techniques

Its goal is the emergence of the features of the body and the shape of the muscles of the body in both the kinetic and static modes, and it removes the smallest that can be removed from the layers of mixed fat and muscles and produces and affects the body in a beautiful flowing manner, and also controls the tightening of the skin and then the patient goes through a recovery period at most two weeks And then return to his normal life

body sculpting results

The results are noticed just after the session ends, either if the session is for the latest non-surgical techniques, and the results continue to appear for the period following the session for a period of sometimes up to six months

In general, body sculpting operations are primarily cosmetic, and one of their advantages is that the recipient feels complete satisfaction with what he has achieved through them

The extent of the results after the operation depends on following a healthy lifestyle and a customized diet. It is true that these operations provide immediate and quick solutions to treat long periods of neglect of body care. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet in order not to fall into the stage of obesity again

It should at least follow a balanced lifestyle, and practice walking or jogging to ensure that the results last as long as possible. Continuing to neglect body care after that may cause the problems of local obesity to reappear in the long run

Dr. Samir’s advice

Dr. Samir recommends following a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to maintain the result of the operation for the longest period and enjoy an attractive and perfect sculpted body

After the process of body sculpting and coordination

The 4D laser technology is unique from most of the techniques in that it takes place in only one session

The frequency of body sculpting operations depends on the patient’s health as well as his physical ability, because these sessions take from 30 minutes to 50 minutes

Everyone who is about to undergo the operation can go about their normal life after leaving the session

Part of these types of sessions require the use of anti-inflammatory creams between sessions and after the last session for a period of up to 14 days

It may be necessary to make cold compresses in the case of part of the types of treatment with injections (such as mesotherapy)

The 3D or 4D laser surgery requires a recovery period of two weeks

Dr. Samir Ghoraba uses advanced techniques to control postoperative pain by

The use of an advanced surgical method that preserves the nerves

Injecting local anesthetics next to the nerves that prevent any feeling of pain

The use of PCA or what is known as Patient controlled analgesia, which is the best way to control pain in the world and prevents the feeling of pain completely after surgery

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