Trusted with thousands of faces

I feel privileged to have the trust of so many patients to operate on their faces. I have dedicated most of my career to doing faces. I did thousands of facelifts, nose jobs, lid lifts and other facial procedures.


Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Samir Ghoraba is a senior consultant in plastic surgery, distinguished by his excellent experience, which extends to several years in the field of plastic surgery. His operations achieved unparalleled success rates, and he became considered a symbol of beauty and confidence, Dr. Samir is very experienced in the field of plastic surgery, where he combines scientific experience with high surgical skills. It always strives to improve its medical services using the latest technology and provide the highest quality in healthcare. Samir has a team of qualified and specialized doctors, which ensures the provision of medical services at the highest level.

More than 12 +

years of experience

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I HAVE performed thousands of body contouring procedures including liposculpture, breast surgery, and body lift surgeries. I have practiced in various countries including the UK, Turkey, Italy, Taiwan, and Egypt. Plastic Surgery is my job, but making people happy is my passion.

In the name of God, God willing, may God bless you in your presence and always fix what is in your hands

Zahra Ali

May God bless you and always fix what is in your hands, your honor is a great need, may God honor you, Lord of the worlds

Menna Ahmed

a good doctor in Egypt without exaggeration and seriously, thank you, you are wonderful, seriously, respectful, tasteful, and have high credibility, conscience and honesty.

Mai Abdelkader

The best doctor in Egypt and the Middle East, thank you very much and all the respected medical staff. Thank you very much, doctor

Áya Ghzala